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📜 This year’s report maintains the structure that was introduced last year, with a brief text with the main events that characterized the evolution of income in 2018 and with references to the tables through hyperlinks to an external file that contains the series of data since 1995. Along with this file of tables, two more files are made available to users, one with information related to income by Delegations since 2007 and another with the series of rights recognized since 2004. Furthermore, as usual in monthly reports, there is another file with the main regulatory developments and the series of legal rates of the different taxes.

With effect from January 1, 2018, two modifications are made regarding the obligation to declare.

For its part, Law 41/2003, of November 18, on the Patrimonial Protection of Persons with Disabilities and the modification of the Civil Code, the Civil Procedure Law and the Tax Regulations for this purpose, establishes, in its provision Second, that the Autonomous Communities may declare the exemption in the Tax on the Patrimony of the assets and the rights that make up the protected patrimony of people with disabilities.

The regulations of the Autonomous Communities of common regime that regulate these aspects can be consulted in the Practical Manual of Income and Wealth 2018 or in the Autonomous and Local Taxation portal which can be accessed from the links of interest section of the website of the State Agency Tax Administration, at the address

It is a strictly individual tax that falls on individuals and is complementary to personal income tax.

The validity of the Wealth Tax and the regulations regarding it are extended for this year.

To know if you are obliged to make the declaration, you must take into account the gross amount of the patrimonial income since this tax only taxes income that exceeds 700,000 euros during the 2018 financial year. You also have to take into account the autonomous community where you are registered and therefore where you present the income statement.

It must be taken into account that the wealth tax varies depending on the autonomous community in which the taxpayer resides. Some communities apply bonuses that can reach 100%.

The declaration models for the Personal Income Tax and the Wealth Tax are approved

– Leasing is intended for isolated assets: those related to movable property will be considered income from movable capital and those that refer to real estate will generate income from real estate capital.

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